5 design elements for writers to consider

Avis: We try harder; Apple: Beige / Absolute Power; and Volkswagen Beetle: Lemon
  • Take the time to format your text internally, per Tip #2: Contrast, but take care to spread the formatting evenly throughout the copy.
  • Remember that, if good design is a balance between positive and negative space, well-designed copy must include negative space. It gives the reader visual breathing room. Use shorter paragraphs; more paragraphs; and hard returns between paragraphs and bulleted items, and before and after heads.
  • For landing pages, use sidebars, block quotes, or other call-outs
  • In sales copy, tease the key point upfront then bring it to life in the body text, re-state it in the call to action, and sneak it into the guarantee or a PS



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Tiffany Markman

Tiffany Markman

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