Befuddled by the singular they?

Fellow binary folk, listen up

  • Professor Purist
  • the fence-sitters, and
  • those who mean well but remain befuddled by the usage of the singular they.

#1. There’s a ton of modern linguistic precedent for the singular they

  • “Why’s that child crying?” “Because they dropped their ice cream.”
  • “I have a friend in Parys and they had to go to hospital for a month.”
  • “Did they leave a message?”
  • A journalist should not be forced to reveal their sources.”
  • “That f***king driver cut me off! I hope they get a puncture.”

#2. There’s a sh*t-ton of historical linguistic precedent for the singular they

#3. The singular they works just like you. You bothers absolutely no-one.

  1. “You are all crazy.” You is plural.
  2. “Tiffany, you are crazy.” You is singular.

#4. Nothing else is quite as efficient as they

#5. Other languages seem to manage

#6. Languages evolve. And linguistic decline is bullsh*t

“I find it hard but we must do it.”

Circling back to gender & inclusivity



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